Healthy Achiever: Christy Ng, Shoe Designer & Entrepreneur

If you’re a shoe lover, you’ve probably heard of Christy Ng. If not, you should, as she has revolutionised the Malaysian shoe industry since the founding of her brand in 2010, and is strutting forth to becoming the next Jimmy Choo.

Source: Christy Ng Facebook page
Source: Christy Ng Facebook page

With customers across the globe and more than 280,000 fans on Facebook, Christy Ng has definitely carved a name for herself in the shoe scene. The brand specialises in platforms heels, but also sells a range of women footwear as well as exclusive bridal shoe essentials and complementary accessories including custom made bags.

As a shoe designer and an entrepreneur with a booming business, Christy Ng still manages to find time to lead a healthy lifestyle. We talk to the shoe goddess on how she keeps healthy:

1. With your busy schedule, how do you commit to a healthy lifestyle?

I make a conscious effort to hit the gym every alternate day. I target to burn 400 calories whenever I hit the gym. I typically wake up at 6.30am to hit the gym before 7am for an hour of cardio before I head to the office at 9am. If I do wake up late, I will go to the gym after work for a 1-hour run on the treadmill or attend my favorite body combat classes.

On weekends, I enjoy my 5km hike in Gasing Hill with my best friend as a form of relaxation and to catch up after a hectic week.

christy ng ankle boots
Source: Christy Ng Facebook Page

2. What workout routine gets you in the groove?

I don’t have a favorite workout routine per se but I have a picture of Nicki Minaj’s ass in my phone to motivate myself to work out harder, haha!

3. When it comes to meals…

I am not very disciplined when it comes to food, and when I am hungry, I can eat a cow. I try to eat clean by stuffing myself with loads of fruits and vegetables plus I drink plenty of water so that I will then consume less carbohydrates and fattening food.

4. What’s your daily inspiration that gets you going? 

The passion for shoes keeps me going – and you need to be fit to do that!

christy ng healthy achiever

5. Do you believe that taking care of your health helps you be more productive?

Yes, that is a given. When you are unfit, you tend to have a poorer attention span.

Exercise helps me cope with stress and helps with anger management issues. Say if you are angry with someone and have no outlet to release it, try kick boxing. After punching, kicking and yelling with all your might – you will automatically feel much better.

Exercise increases your endorphin levels and gives you the natural high you need to achieve greater heights!

6. If I have a huge billboard this is what I will put on it… 


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The Healthy Achiever Series is where we interview some high achiever Malaysians on how they keep healthy and happy. Stay tuned for more follow-ups to this series! If you have a story to share, send them to and you may be featured!

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