How to Build Muscle While Burning Fat

“How do you differentiate/tell whether you are burning fat or burning muscles?”

“How do you increase muscle while still being able to reduce fat?”

These are the two most common questions asked by exercise newbies eager to see results.

The easiest way to differentiate is by having a before and after photo. I would suggest a time frame of 3 to 5 months in order to notice a significant difference, but that also depends on training consistency. Due to the nature of this process, it may be difficult to tell at times. Hence, before starting the comparison, there must be a basic understanding on this agenda.


How to Burn Fat

Firstly, burning fat would require heavy cardiovascular exercises (cardio) being performed. This would mean easy-to-do work such as running, biking, skipping, rowing, etc.

These are exercises that tax your breathing and make you sweat easily, which can also be managed for a longer duration. The more you do your cardio work, the more you are burning your muscles. This is mainly due to muscle fatigue process.

So, in terms of being sure you are not just burning your muscles, most fitness regimes have at least some body weight movement exercises or weighted movements that make your muscles work. This is to the exception of individuals who are solely focused on burning fat and losing weight in a short period of time.

So, be sure you are on a well-structured training program, along with properly managed nutritional intake. This would eliminate the likelihood of having the burning fat and muscles thought.


How to Increase Muscle While Burning Fat

With the above already mentioned, how do we increase muscle while reducing fat? Ideally, this would come down to the balance of your training routine.

Practice and mix up the work. Perform cardiovascular work, body weight and weighted movements or lifting exercises to create an overall effect with progress.

If you are keen with building more muscles along the way, then place more emphasis on training in the weight room as well as adding work on resistance movements. This will help advocate muscle growth more efficiently as it is places more stress and work for your body. Yet again, eating the right stuff will be an important factor along that line.

Get Your Goals Right

In conclusion, any individual must be clear with their goals on why they are picking up a fitness training regime before starting one.

By understanding what their goals are, working towards it will also be easier to manage throughout the process.

The next step would also be the discipline and mindset application that they take with their training regime, which may sometimes be tricky. So have a thought about this guys, and get your work done.


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This article originally appeared on The Vanguard.

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