Bootcamp: Short Bursts of Training, Just as Effective

Bootcamps have been around ever since man took spear to hand and bandied together to fight as a unit. The Spartan had their own bootcamp and resulted in one of the feared armies in their time. Today, bootcamp represents a structured training that readies people into a fit fighting machine. This eventually gave way to what exercise bootcamps offer today: a breakdown of the real deal in becoming fighting fit.

Well, what happens when you have a product that gives your clients better results with minimal or no equipment using a new approach that lets you be done in 60 minutes? This new approach is HIDT (High Intensity Density Training).

Short Bursts of Training, Just as Effective

In fact, a study from the American Heart Association proves that short bursts of training (just like that found inside the HIDT approach) would have the same health and fat loss benefits as the standard 30-40 minute workout.

The study followed ordinary people clients (not all-star athletes like most studies) for 3 weeks on a regimen of 10-minute workouts throughout the week.

The study revealed:

  • 10-15% improvements in aerobic fitness; the equivalent fitness level of a person 10-15 years younger!
  • Increase in strength and muscular endurance from 40% to 100%; the equivalent strength level of a person 20 years younger!

Now don’t think you’ll have to use complicated exercises or shell out a ton of money for some fancy new equipment. It’s all in the design and the most important “ingredient”, which is… DENSITY.

In fact, bootcamps harness the power of HIDT with ZERO equipment. Workouts are uncomplicated and unlike the army, it is now catered into fun sessions.

Is bootcamp the ideal fitness regime for you? You’ll never know till you give it a go. Sign up for one month of awesomeness with REBEL Bootcamp at only RM49 (normally RM300) and see how your body and mind transforms for the better. Find out more here

Contributed by: Sarge Jonathan, programme director for all Rebel Bootcamp programmes.

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