12 Epic Before and After Weight Loss Pics that’ll Make You Believe in Yourself

Chrys Lee Before and After Weight loss

Trying to shed some weight and getting fit is never easy. You need constant motivation, inspiration, and most importantly – willpower to be able to reach your goals.

We’ve dug through the internet and found these inspiring stories to keep you going on your health journey. There are no hard and fast rules on how to get there, and you will have to find a way that suits you best. However, there are a few keywords that popped up in everyone’s stories – eat clean, exercise often, and never, never give up. We reckon that’s good advice, what about you?

Feast your eyes on the before and after weight loss pics below: 

1. Chrys Lee

Credits: Chrys Lee

“Being overweight and eventually morbidly obese, definitely made me struggle with self-esteem and confidence as I was growing up, even if I tried to mask it with academic or other achievements. Well this made me feel that at least I could achieve something.”

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2. Brian

before after weightloss
Credits: Brian

“This has been the best year of my life. For once, things are looking up. I used to tell Jackie about how all this feels like a dream and that it never actually happened. She just says that this is me living my life now and that I need to get used to it!”

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3. Vernie

vernie before and after
Credits: verniesfitblr.tumblr.com

“I started working out and realised there is so much more than food and just being lazy. The outcome was amazing! I ended up losing 10kg and I love working out and going to the gym more than anything!”

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4.  Bunga Istyani

before after weightloss pic
Credits: clicheaulait.tumblr.com

“In January 2013, I changed my lifestyle completely, including my behaviour and the way I look at myself. I started working out, doing some programmes, eating clean, and especially loving myself the way I should be”.

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5. Unknown but still inspiring guy


“This took about a year and one month to achieve! (Feb. 2013 – Mar. 2014). High protein and low carb diet. Plenty of water, chicken, fish, salads.”

6. Jonathan Walters

before after weight loss
Credits: Jonathan Walters

“I have done this 100% natural with no surgeries, pills, or magical drinks. Just hard work and constant motivation.”

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7. Nicetobenormal

Before after pic
Credits: nice2benormal.tumblr.com

“I felt miserable about my appearance. I was slowly killing myself. It took a tragedy to make me decide I had to change my diet…. I’ve lost 116 pounds (52kg)!”

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8. One Bear on the Run

before after weight loss pics
Credits: onebear-on-the-run.tumblr.com

“The tip is to cut the portion of your food gradually, and increase your activity level bit by bit. Let your body adjust to it. Making slower adjustments work a lot better!”

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9. My Veins Pumped Battery Acid

Before after weight loss
Credits: my-veins-pumped-battery-acid.tumblr.com

“Get started and not quit. Read as much as you can, all the conflicting advice and confusing technical jargons. Ask a lot of questions, find the inspiration and motivation anywhere you can, and push through it all to get to your goal. I did this. I’m doing this. And so can you!”

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10. Fitbit Girl

Before and after weight loss
Credits: beforeandafterweightloss.tumblr.com

“It took me nearly a year to lose 100 pounds (about 45kg). March 3rd, 2013, I bought a Fitbit and used it every single day – I tracked my calories and worked to have a caloric deficit. When I started I went to the gym 4 days a week. Now I go almost everyday!”

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11. Jess

Before after weight loss
Credits: happylife-healthywife.tumblr.com

“After losing 155lbs and finding running, I’ve gained so much health and happiness. I finally feel like the person I was supposed to be my whole life.”

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12. Phillip Kuoch

Phillip before and after weight loss
Credits: phillipkuoch.tumblr.com

“I went from being depressed to becoming a personal trainer and an entrepreneur, and that’s because of what I’ve learned mentally and physically from losing all the weight and being healthy. I finally understand what living life truly means now.”

Read his story here.


Before After Pic
Credit: Pinterest


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Compiled by: Jolene Foo

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