AIA Med-Express Delivers Your Medication To Your Doorstep

KUALA LUMPUR, 21 October 2014 – AIA Health Services Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary of AIA Bhd., recently unveiled its innovative AIA Med-Express service – a collaboration with BP Healthcare Group’s Lovy Pharmacy – to offer the life insurance industry’s first doorstep delivery service for repeat prescription long-term medication to AIA’s Corporate Solutions customers.

The service will benefit some 700,000 AIA customers who carry the red AIA medical card, which provides access to outpatient benefits. With this service, those with chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, asthma and arthritis, can receive their repeat prescription long-term medication at their doorstep in a fast and reliable manner, at no extra charge.

AIA Health Services and Lovy Pharmacy signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today to mark the start of the partnership between the two trusted brands in healthcare. Speaking at the signing ceremony, Jamie Yu, Chief Officer of AIA Health Services said, “AIA Med-Express is a reflection of our brand’s commitment to be genuinely engaged in the lives of our customers, understanding their concerns and the challenges they face.”

“With healthcare now a growing concern, customers are increasingly longing for health services that are not only reliable, but also quick and convenient. We are pleased to be able to leverage Lovy Pharmacy’s unique offering of pharmaceutical services to provide this simple yet much sought-after convenience to our members,” Yu explained. She added that the service will also align well with the government’s intention to separate the functions of doctors and pharmacists in the near future.

Eligible AIA cardholders can sign up for the service by providing their personal details, name and dosage of medication as well as a copy of a valid doctor’s prescription to AIA. Lovy Pharmacy will then contact them to verify their details and arrange a delivery time and location to dispense the repeat prescription medication based on Good Dispensing Practice guidelines, which ensure the correct medication, including dosage and quantity, is delivered to the right patient with clear instructions.

Once the order is confirmed, AIA cardholders will receive a month’s supply of their medication within one working day. At the end of each month, Lovy Pharmacy will send AIA cardholders an SMS to prompt them to arrange the following month’s medication delivery.

Lovy Pharmacy has been quick to tap into the convenience enabled by digital technology to revolutionise the way medication is dispensed to its customers.

Lovy Beh, Group Managing Director of BP Healthcare Group and Founder of Lovy Pharmacy said, “With 50 Lovy outlets nationwide, our innovative approach to dispensing medication has helped us realise two significant objectives: it is raising professional standards in the industry by elevating the quality of customer interactions, while adding a new dimension to the role of pharmacists in ensuring treatment continuity with successful clinical outcomes.”

Lovy Pharmacy describes itself as a “brick & click” pharmacy owing to its pioneering initiatives in pharmacist webcam consultations. Beh said Lovy Pharmacy’s range of services has substantially increased the convenience factor for customers, reducing their time spent away from home or out of the office.

The partnership is synergistic for AIA, a leading provider of employee benefits solutions in Malaysia, as it augments the range of value-add services which AIA has added in recent years to enhance the overall experience for its members when seeking treatment at AIA’s extensive panel of clinics and hospitals across the country.

These new value added services from AIA include its GP E-Referral Service – an e-system that enables members to seek specialist treatment quickly as GP referrals are issued directly to AIA Health Services’ call centre – and the GP Interactive Voice Response System, which enables AIA’s panel of GPs to verify membership and coverage via telephone. Another first in the industry – the AIA medical network directory powered by Google Maps – makes it easy for AIA medical cardholders to locate the AIA panel clinic or hospital nearest to them.

The AIA Priority Counter, which can be found at selected hospitals nationwide, provides exclusive assistance to AIA members requiring inpatient treatment so the admission process is handled speedily and someone is on hand to answer any queries they may have. In addition, some of the participating hospitals have a queue management system where a dedicated “AIA button” allows members to enjoy quicker service.

“The MoU marks an important step forward in our collaboration with Lovy Pharmacy and the BP Healthcare Group,” Yu said, hinting at future collaborations with the integrated healthcare services group.

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