10 Yummy Salads To Try Around the Klang Valley

The majority of us still have a love-hate relationship with salads and that’s OK! Sometimes you just need a little help to start adding more greens into your meals. So how do you start liking salads? By eating yummy ones of course!

These salads we’ve found have been tried and tested, We promise they’ll actually be tasty and won’t make you gag. Get your forks ready for these:

1. Summer Salad, Chinoz On The Park

summer salad chinoz on the park

Salad breakdown:

  • Ingredients: Lettuce, red coral, green apple, orange, cherry tomato and chopped walnut
  • Dressing: Balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil

This is one refreshing salad that is great for our year-long summer weather! The tarty apple and orange slices give it a nice burst of sweetness and crunch along with the chopped walnuts. Who says salads are only filled with vegetables? The fruits will give you an extra dose of fiber and vitamins!

2. Coromandel Salad, Antipodean Cafe

coromandel salad antipodean cafe

Salad breakdown:

  • Ingredients: Green rocket, feta cheese, figs, cherry tomato, salmon and chopped walnut
  • Dressing: Balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil

It looks like cream and chocolate sauce on top of your salad but it’s not those things at all. The cream is feta cheese and the chocolate is actually balsamic vinegar. The Coromandel is a beautiful medley of sweetness from the figs, saltiness of the salmon and creamy feta.

3. Shrooming Salad, Burgertory

burgertory shrooming salad
Source: www.rebeccasaw.com

Salad breakdown:

  • Ingredients: Butterhead, iceberg lettuce, cherry tomato and button mushrooms
  • Dressing: Carrot dressing

There is no doubt that you should eat more mushrooms and what better way to do it than with some greens? The delicious carrot dressing will add more flavour and vitamins to your meal too. So why not order this salad as a starter before your burger?

4. Japanese Kani and Salmon Sashimi Salad, The Social

japanese kani and salmon sashimi salad the social
Source: foodinkl.files.wordpress.com

Salad breakdown:

  • Ingredients: Snow crabstick, salmon sashimi, baby octopus, edamame, ebikko, cabbage, carrot, and avocado
  • Dressing: Roasted sesame

If you don’t like the western salads, try this Japanese inspired plate. It’s a Japanese seafood affair with baby octopus, salmon sashimi, ebikko and  snow crabstick. The edamame adds more fiber and protein into the salad too. The best thing? The Japanese sesame dressing is served on the side so you’re in charge.

5. Portuguese Salad with Chicken, Nando’s

nandos portuguese salad with chicken
Source: www.missyblurkit.com

Salad breakdown:

  • Ingredients: Lettuce, tomato,  Nando’s Peri-olives, mixed peppers, cucumber, onions and grilled chicken breast slices
  • Dressing: Portuguese vinaigrette

If you love Nando’s chicken then you will love the Portuguese Salad too because you can have it with the same grilled chicken breast slices cooked according to your favourite spicy PERi-PERi sauce. Having a bite of greens with the chicken slices will help to camouflage the veggie flavours. The aromatic Portuguese vinaigrette also makes it yummier.

6. California Girls Salad, Chai Bar

california girls salad chai bar

Salad breakdown:

  • Ingredients: Mixed lettuce, red rice, avocado, carrot, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, hard boiled egg, pickled seaweed and kaori-hako. Dusted with roasted seaweed and ebikko
  • Dressing: Wasabi Mayo

Just like Katy Perry’s California Girls song, this deconstructed California roll inspired salad definitely makes your taste buds dance. It could be from the creeping heat of the wasabi mayo but a bit of wasabi is good for your body. You can also make your own salad if you are feeling adventurous.

7. On A Diet, Salad Atelier

on a diet salad atelier
Source: theyumlist.blogspot.com

Salad breakdown:

  • Ingredients: Lettuce, broccoli, olives, mixed peppers, quinoa and more
  • Dressing: Pick one from their 16 homemade dressings

Admit it, the dressing is one of the most important aspect that could make you love the salad or hate it. But we doubt that you will find a sauce that you won’t like in Salad Atelier because who can say no to blue cheese or sesame soy dressing? Pick the stinky blue cheese dressing because blue cheese is good for your digestive tract [1]. What’s cool is that you can also customise salads, sandwiches and wraps here.

8. Warm Pork Belly Confit, Watermelon and Lychee Salad, S.Wine Cafe

warm pork confit watermelon lychee salad swine
Source: www.broughtup2share.com

Salad breakdown:

  • Ingredients: Pork belly confit, watermelon, lychee, fragrant Asian greens and sprinkled with peanuts
  • Dressing: Lychee dressing

If you will only eat a salad if it has some crispy meat in it, try this sweet and salty pork confit mix. The watermelon and lychee lightens up the rich pork confit pieces and provides some vitamin C and water to quench your thirst.

9. Rainbow Protein Salad, Aether Cafe

rainbow protein salad aether cafe
Source: www.eatdrink.my

Salad breakdown:

  • Ingredients: Chickpeas, mixed peppers, lettuce, red cabbage and carrots
  • Dressing: Perky dressing

This Rainbow Protein Salad does live up to its name. You are getting your your 5-a-day and the chickpeas gives a dose of calcium too. Just shake the bottle (Make sure the lid is closed tightly) and pour onto a plate or eat it straight from the bottle, mason jar style.

10. Squares & Rounds, The Salad Bar

squares and rounds the salad bar
Source: followmetoeatla.blogspot.com

Salad breakdown:

  • Ingredients: Chickpeas, millet, buckwheat, olives, tomatoes and cucumber
  • Dressing: Miso (Blended miso with spring onions)

Though the ingredients sound too healthy to be delicious, it it a darn good salad. Millet and buckwheat are uncommon ingredients around here and so is the miso dressing. Millet is a gluten-free grain that can help to lower your cholesterol [2]. Buckwheat is a great meat substitute that is gluten-free and helps with digestion too [3]. This salad is great for people who are sensitive to gluten products.

Want to experiment with more salads? Here are some suggestions:


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