10-Day Home Fitness Challenge for the Absolute Beginner

Better stamina, your dream body, or just a healthier glow on your skin. None of these can be achieved while lying on your couch.

If you’re here looking for an easy way out, here’s a reality check: there is no easy way to get fit and healthy. There is however plenty of rewards to be reaped once you waded through the tough parts.

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When you’re fit and healthy, you feel better, and working out or eating healthy won’t be as tough as it is now. The secret to success is to commit to taking that first step. And that first step needn’t be a big one.

As a fitness beginner, a 3-month fitness programme might seem like a big commitment and bit of an overkill, but how about 10 days? Sounds doable? Definitely!

I assure you, that if you follow through these 10 days, you’ll be feeling more energetic, lighter, and just different in a good way.

The CoachYQ 10-Day Challenge 1.0 will start you off nice and slow, with a daily 7-minute workout before advancing to something like 15-20 minutes depending on how much you can handle.

What You Need to Know Before You Begin this Fitness Challenge

  • No equipment required. You’ll be using your body to get a good workout.
  • It’s important that you complete each exercise correctly and finish the entire exercise routine each other, otherwise you risk not feeling the best you could at the end of the 10 days.
  • There will not be any rest days because I want you to find at least 10-20 minutes to yourself each day. Your body deserves at least that little love.

Day 1: Foundation — Position! Position! Position! (7 mins)

Exercise Programme Day 1

Day 2: Champion Mindset (7 mins)

Exercise Programme Day 2

Day 3: Never Give Up (7 mins)

Exercise Programme Day 3


Day 4: ABS! (7 mins)

Exercise Programme Day 4

Day 5: Endurance (7 mins)

Exercise Programme Day 5

Day 6: Confidence (7 mins)

Exercise Programme Day 6

Day 7: Test Day

Exercise Programme Day 7

Day 8: Warrior Tabata 

Exercise Programme Day 8

Day 9: Fight Day

Exercise Programme Day 9

Day 10: You’re Ready to Kick-Start Your Healthy Lifestyle! 

Exercise Programme Day 10


Now, we realised that as a fitness beginner, you probably don’t know what a v-sit or c-sit and other stuff is, so below are some helpful videos that’ll point you in the right direction.

How to Do a Butt Kick

How to Do High and Low Planks

How to Do C-Sits & V-Sits

How to Do High Knee Twists

How to Do a Jab

How to Do a Lunge Hold

How to Do an Uppercut

How to Do a Speed Ball 

When doing this at home, do the hand movements only. You don’t need an actual Speed Ball. The point is to move your limbs.

How to Do a Squat Pulse

Remember, it could be hard to begin, but your body will thank you for it after. When there’s no struggle, there’s no strength.


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