Which is Cheaper? NSK vs Tesco Price List

Which is cheaper? NSK vs Tesco

The first step to cooking a cheap and healthy meal is sourcing cheap and fresh ingredients. In our hunt for fresh, yet affordable groceries, we checked out the local favourites – NSK Kuchai Lama and Tesco Cheras. What we found was that both offered cheap prices for different items. However, NSK led with lower prices for 25/36 items. Detailed list below:

NSK vs Tesco: Price Comparison

Grocery Item NSK Kuchai Lama Tesco Cheras
Which is Cheaper?
Eggs (Grade A)RM9.59 RM11.69NSK
Water spinach (Kangkung) RM2.50/kg RM2.49/kg Tesco
Spinach (Bayam)RM2.50/kgRM2.49/kgTesco
Mustard greens (Sawi / Choy Sam)RM2.50/kgRM2.49/kg
Chinese cabbage RM1.49/kg RM1.99/kg
Hard tofu RM2 for 10 pieces RM0.99 for 2 pieces
Egg tofu RM0.50 / piece RM0.99 / piece
Taupok RM3.20 / 400g RM4.99 / 380g NSK
Smooth tofu RM0.90 / packRM0.99 / pack
Pumpkin RM1.79 / kg RM2.19 / kg
Enoki mushrooms RM0.99/pack (100g) RM0.99/pack (100g)Same
Oyster mushrooms RM2.80 / 200gRM1.99 / 200g
Fresh shiitake mushrooms RM3.99 / 500gRM5 / 500g
Fresh cloud ear mushroomsRM30 / kg RM43.50 / kg (dried)Different items (could not find fresh cloud ear mushrooms in Tesco)
Eco Brown's Unpolished Brown Rice RM19.30 / 5kg RM28.99 / 5kg
Ladies fingers RM6.99/kg RM7.16/kgNSK
Tomatoes RM1.99/kg RM2.99/kg
Carrots RM2.99/kg RM2.39/kg
Cencaru (fish)RM6.50/kgRM8.99/kg
Bawal mas (fish)RM5/pieceRM5.99/piece
Chicken breast RM12.99/kg RM15.99/kg
Young coconut RM2.5/piece RM3.49/piece
White radish (lobak putih)RM1.49/kg RM3.99/kg
Red pepper RM8.99/kg RM17.99/kgNSK
Green pepper RM4.99/kg RM6.99/kgNSK
Cauliflower RM4.99/kgRM2.99/kg Tesco
Cucumber RM2.49/kg RM1.79/kg Tesco
Broccoli RM1.99/piece RM6.99/kg (we picked one piece which costs RM2.42)NSK
Sengkuang RM2.39/kgRM2.49/kg NSK
Ikan bilis RM19.90/kg RM22.90/kg NSK
Red onionsRM1.50/kgRM0.99/kg Tesco
Sweet peas RM1.68 /pack of 130gRM2.99/pack of 130gNSK
Carotino cooking oilRM9.90/1LRM14.99/1LNSK
Smart Balance cooking oil (3L + 1 free bottle)RM21.90RM26.90
Colavita Olive Oil 750mlRM22.90 RM22.90 Same
Basso Olive Pomace OilRM19.50/1L RM10.49 / 500ml NSK
Tesco 8/36
Same price 2/36
Different Items 1/36

Tesco branches are available nationwide. Check out list of outlets here. NSK has 13 branches located across the Klang Valley. List of outlets available here.

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Note: Prices listed were found in stores on 17th March, 2014.


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Written by: Jolene Foo

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