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Infographic: How Well Do You Know Your Sh*t?

Your poop gives good indication on the status of your body, from what you need to add to your diet, to whether you may be at risk for certain diseases. Find out all about it here:

With its less than enticing scent, and unattractive physique, nobody wants to give their poop a second glance. The general rule when it comes to poop is – you do the deed quickly, and flush immediately.

While it’s no bed of roses, the next time you’re in the toilet doing the Number 2, take a look at your work of art before you flush. The brown blob in the toilet bowl can divulge little secrets about your health condition, since it’s the product of the waste from your body.

You might curse us for coming up with this cute little infographic, but you really should know your sh*t better. Enjoy:

Healthworks Poop Infographic

Here’s a family-friendly version if you want to show it to your kids 🙂

Poop Infographic - Family Friendly Version

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So, what has your poop told you about your health? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page!


A writer with a penchant for alliteration, Jolene is also a seaweed and green tea junkie in a love/hate relationship with working out. She likes reading everything, from cereal boxes to tombstone inscriptions, and trying to find meaning behind the words.


    • Hi Lololovelola!

      Healthy poop usually sink. If your poop floats, it could be from the food you ate (which could have gas, causing your poop to float) or it could be mal-absorption of nutrients. It’s nothing to worry about and it should go away on its own. Try switching your diet around and see whether your poop condition changes. If you’re still worried, it’s always safest to talk to your doctor 🙂

      Source: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/003128.htm

  1. is there something wrong with you or your system if you don’t poop regurlarly/everyday like pooping twice or thrice a week ?

    • Hi wuwu!

      Don’t worry, according to doctors, there’s no normal frequency to poop, so as long as you’re not constipated and your poop is the healthy-looking one (as illustrated), you should be fine. However, you could try taking in more fibre in the form of leafy greens (like spinach, kale etc), prunes (or prune juice), etc. These are supposed to help keep your poop healthy! 🙂 Hope we helped! If you still feel worried about this, you could always talk to your doctor!

  2. and then there are the people with ibs and everything that was explained may be seen in a single day :/ … not fun.

  3. the infographic is nice, but the last poop, blood-stained poop promotes FUD. for sure you should consult a doctor immediately, but hemorrhoid also causes blood in poop

    • Hey Diana,

      Yes the food you eat could cause the colour of your poop to change, things like berries and BEET! 🙂 This is why we wrote to not panic if your poop colour or texture changes for a short time. Only if it persists, then you should talk to a doctor 🙂

  4. This was very informative. I knew a little of it, but this was great. People don’t like to or want to talk about poop, but what comes out of the body should be just as interesting as what goes into it.

  5. Just to add an observation, eating/juicing raw beets almost daily, will cause to not only turn red, but it taints the water in the bowl too.

  6. “…she’ll be flitting about in some other part of this big, beautiful world soaking up the culture and food.”

    And then pooping it out 🙂

  7. Eating beets can turn your turn a lovely shade of red that will be a bit disconcerting to anyone who hasn’t experienced it before. Too much Saskatoon wine can give you a lovely shade of purple too.

  8. Have you tried the red dragon fruit? Now that’s an awesome fruit that gives visual effects to ur poop and urine! Rose drink and papaya makes the aromatics. And then when the season comes, durian! Yes, embrace the intensities. Hehehe…

  9. This was a great graphic. Very informative. People should also note that particular foods may make your stool red. I know beets can make your stool look bloody when it’s really not. I can’t help but keep eating beets though. :\

    • Hi Cana-duh!
      Beets are nutritious and good for you, so don’t stop eating them! As long as you know beets turn your poo red there’s really nothing to worry about 🙂

  10. Lol weird how I ended up here , I know this from facts , I was eating nothing but clam chowder for a long time , and poop one day started to be grayish , I quit eating the chowder , and I regulated normal.

  11. This is a great guide, but I can’t share it with my friends and family because it uses the word sh*t. I’m not comfortable showing this to my kids or older relatives and wish that word had not been included. I don’t know whether it’s considered such a vulgar word in Malaysia, but in the US, it still is, and I’d recommend you create a “family friendly” version. Thanks!

  12. Hi Jolene, I just wanted to take the time and thank you for this funny but very informative piece of sh*t lol .Having just gone through an acute pancreatitis attack/surgery leading to a gall bladder removal, I’m slowly getting to know my body and bile duct and the roles that many organs play in the process of digestion. Things i never took the time or attention to learn. It’s really interesting what you can tell just by having a quick look when you’re done your “business” ! I really think this is something that could use maybe a little more family and a little less adult and then be pitched to every family doctor’s office around the world! Great job!!

  13. I watch my diet as I have diabetes.and usually my number 2 stool which is ok ,always smelled bad to me. after this week of the 5th of july my stool it smelled like basil, yes that my impression.have any comments of what that means when it doesn’t smell like bad

  14. I’ve always been passionate when talking shit….haha ! To me, I always know if I’ve eaten enough fibre if the poops are what I termed Sinkies or Floaties! If they float, I know I’ve been eating correctly and not if they sink.
    Too much meaty stuffs will result in sinkies. Lots of vege, fruits and water and less of meat is the way to go !

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