How to Build a Home Gym and Not Go Broke

You probably wish you had a home gym. Who doesn’t? It’s convenient. It’s cool. It probably makes you want to exercise more. On the flip side, you probably assume that it’s expensive to have a home gym.

That’s a myth.

Now we’re not talking about extravagant lavish home gyms you see on marketing materials. We’re talking about a functional and simple home gym. You can start modifying a space in your home, or you can find a good room to make it a gym. After all, your main aim is to work out and get fit, right? Here’s how to have one on a budget.

But first, you should scout for a location. Here are some points to note:

  • Pick a spot where you can move comfortably with nothing in the way. Avoid places with fragile objects.
  • A place with ceilings that are high enough for you to avoid smashing your head or hands when you’re jumping.
  • Make sure it has wood or tile floors for easier clean-up and avoid doing workouts on carpets unless you don’t mind washing it every few days.
  • Get a place with good ventilation with fans and windows so you won’t feel stuffy during your workouts.

Once you have found the right spot or a room which you can transform into your own personal workout space, here are the equipment that you can add in:

1. Jump ropes

It’s small and easy to store but it gives out one heck of a workout! Plus, it’s cheap! You can get this from Fitness Concept for just RM19.90 and the rope length is adjustable as well. We suggest you to invest in a good jumping rope that will last long. That way you can do your workout without worrying about it snapping halfway.

2. Yoga Mat/ Exercise Mat

A must-have if you want to do a lot of floor workouts. It provides cushioning from the hard floor and it helps to protect your back too when you’re doing exercises such as crunches. Summersault Malaysia sells yoga mats for only RM45. If you buy two, it’s only RM80 so you and your friend can share the savings.

3. Resistant bands

resistance band

Either get the thin band or rope version with handles. Resistant bands can give a good amount of workout too, no matter what fitness level you are at. It’s also very affordable and convenient for traveling since you can just fold it into your bag. We suggest getting it in a set such as the one here from FitLife. That way you have different levels of resistance to work with while doing your squats and bicep curls.

4. Gym ball

The gym ball is not only great to use for your workouts but it is also a great alternative to a chair. It’s always tilting so if you sit on it, it actually works out your core. You will be trying to balance your weight on the ball the whole time so you won’t be stationary. What’s even better is that it is cheap, at only RM36.60 from Decathlon.

5. Mirrors

Although research shows that mirrors can make a person feel more self-conscious and more likely to compare their body to the fitter people in the gym [1], beginners need the mirrors. Why? It is to ensure that your form and technique is correct so that you can avoid injuries and get more from the workout. You’ll feel less self-conscious too because you’ll be in your own gym. This mirror from IKEA is only RM29.90 for 4 pieces and you can arrange it however you want. Be it vertically, horizontally or in a pattern. Try getting more to piece a bigger mirror.

6. Dumbbells


Dumbbells are very affordable and very easy to store as well. You can get a pair of 1kg weights at Sole Fitness for only RM20. The heavier the weights you get, the pricier it is. Pick a weight that’s not too light or too heavy for you so that you can still push your workouts.

7. Your music playlist

We’ve got you covered over here if you need a new playlist. You could get a portable speaker too from Lazada to blast your workout music so it really feels like you’re in a gym.

8. Chair/Small end table

If you’re working out through fitness videos, you need to find a stand to put your laptop or phone or tablets where you can view the video without any difficulty. We think a small chair or an end table would make a good stand.

9. Step Board

It’s not only good for aerobic exercises, you can do tricep dips, squats and more. Carry dumbbells while you workout with the step board to challenge yourself. We found this from Smartlife for only RM99.90 and the height is adjustable too.

10. Gym equipment

home gym

Treadmills, crosstrainers and exercise bikes are pricey and take up a lot of space. But if you have a bigger budget, why not invest in one gym equipment that you know you’ll be using a lot? Or you could slowly save up until you have enough to afford your first gym equipment to add to your home gym. This treadmill from Fitness Equipment is a great started, going for only RM2,790. Plus, it’s foldable so you can store it if you’re not using it.

We wish you all the best in building your own personal home gym through our budget-friendly tips! Also keep a lookout at coupon sites for cheap deals on equipment too. Once you get the the room planned, you can start personalizing it with some decorations to make it more special. Now who says you can’t own a gym?

Here are good spots to shop for your home gym equipment:
Fitness Concept
Johnson Fitness Store
Fitness Equipment
Sole Fitness
Fit Life
Groupon – They often have deals on some simple gym and exercise equipment
Fitness Focuz – You can get second hand gym equipment here.
F1 Recreation – For those with a big budget, this company sells premium quality gym equipment.

For yoga mats and workout clothes:
Summersault Malaysia
Ash Be Nimble
Liquido Malaysia


What’s the first equipment that you’ll get for your home gym? We would love to know your home gym plans so do feel free to share them here or on our Facebook page!

Sources: SteadyStrength, DemosHealth, Lifehacker

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