Healthy Lunch Delivery Review: The Naked Lunchbox

We get very excited whenever we come across a healthy lunch delivery service that’s both delicious and affordable. You and I know that these are hard to come by. Thankfully, Kay-Elle is slowly awakening to the fact that healthy food needn’t be pricey and blah.

The Naked Lunch Box

The Naked Lunchbox is one such food delivery service that claims to “deliver no-nonsense food” and “serve real food”. These include a variety of vegan, paleo, and raw recipes so those who are keen on eating clean would certainly rejoice.

As I had already started on a paleo diet a month ago, I decided to give The Naked Lunchbox a two-week test drive to see if they stayed true to their promise of delivering clean, healthy food (and to save myself from a load of food prep).

The Order Process

The Naked Lunchbox runs their business from their Facebook page and an Instagram account brimming with inspired photos of colourful, delicious lunchboxes.

I followed instructions on their Facebook page and emailed them expressing my interest for some good old paleo food delivery.

Cheryl, the mastermind behind The Naked Lunchbox, replied that night with October’s menu attached. There were 4 dishes to choose from, along with price and calorie count. Prices ranged from RM9.90 to RM16 and I could also opt for a top up of one portion chicken at RM5.

Unfortunately I was slow in responding and when I did reply with my order a couple of days later, they were already sold out for the week. Battling the procrastinator in me, I quickly replied so I could secure my order for the 2nd and 3rd week of October.

The Naked Lunchbox only delivers lunches on Tuesdays to Thursdays, so I tested 6 of their lunches in total (2 of which were repeats).

Tuesday 7th Oct, 2014: Dragon Box

first meal the naked lunchbox

My first delivery from TNL came at around 12.30pm, just as my stomach started growling. I got a call saying that they were downstairs at the lobby waiting and a couple of minutes later, I scored myself this sexy-looking lunchbox. Love the little message written on the lid!

first meal the naked lunchbox 2

What struck me the first time was how these boxes were not tiny at all. They didn’t look all that big in pictures, but trust me, these were huge! Also, I have to give a nod to TNL for using biodegradable boxes. These sturdy boxes are made from natural bamboo fibre and tapioca starch which are renewable and regenerates pretty quickly. A far cry from the typical cheap plasticky thingies that clog up the earth.

first meal the naked lunchbox 3

What’s in the box: A salad of sorts. Green leaf lettuce, shredded carrots, beetroot, seaweed, avocado, pulled oven baked chicken with tahini dressing. According to the menu, this packs 519 calories.

Taste: I’m not usually a big fan of salads but this was pretty good. The tahini dressing went well with everything and the seaweed was surprisingly tasty with the salad! Chicken breast was slightly tough, but very flavoursome!

Verdict: Overall it was a good start. I could use more tahini dressing because mine ran out halfway and I had to use my own, but the serving was so huge I had leftovers for dinner!

Wednesday, 8th Oct 2014: Hearty Lunch Plate

Lunch came at the same time today at approximately 12.30pm. Today’s message was “Never give up!”, which was apt for the middle of a dreary week filled with work.

the naked lunchbox meal 2

What’s in the box: Herb roasted chicken breast, roasted carrot wedges, lettuce, and red capsicum. This has about 425 calories.

the naked lunchbox 2 - 1

Taste: The roasted carrots were perhaps some of the sweetest carrots I’ve tasted in my life. And this is no exaggeration. (I ordered this dish again the week after and the carrots weren’t as juicy or sweet then, so it must’ve been the carrots themselves that’s so scrumptious). Chicken breast was well-seasoned, although a bit tough. Lettuce and red capsicum was fresh and crunchy.

the naked lunchbox 2-2

Verdict: Once again, HUGE plate. I couldn’t finish this as well and had the leftovers for dinner. I really enjoyed the carrots and the flavour of the chicken breast. I wouldn’t mind a little dressing for the capsicum and lettuce though,

Thursday, 9th Oct, 2014: Pumpkin Lovin’

I loved pumpkin, so I was really looking forward to this. Lunch came at around 12.30pm again, and I was starting to enjoy the consistency of the deliveries. It’s always nice to have something to look forward to!

the naked lunchbox 3-1

What’s in the box: Roasted pumpkin, fresh tomatoes, caramelised onions, Japanese cucumber, cumin cashew cream, lettuce leaves (the original version supposedly came with fresh wholegrain bread, but as I was on paleo, I requested for no bread). I also added an extra serving of chicken as I didn’t trust myself to live without meat. (585 calories with the wholegrain bread)

the naked lunchbox 3-2

Taste: Of the four dishes on offer in October, this is my favourite! I didn’t even need the extra serving of chicken I ordered. Who knew that the flavours of roasted pumpkin, caramelised onions, cucumber and a dash of cumin cashew cream mingled so well in a crunchy lettuce leaf wrap? And who knew I could live without meat?!

the naked lunchbox 3-3

Verdict: I love love love this. I would probably try to make it myself, but I don’t think I could get over the natural sweetness of the roasted pumpkin and the nutty tangy flavour of the cumin cashew cream. Yum! However, I would really enjoy a few more slices of pumpkin as I ran out of them before I ran out of the other ingredients for my wrap! (PS: kudos to TNL for taking an extra step to replace my bread with giant lettuce leaves so I could make a grain-free wrap)

Wed, 15th October, 2014: Pom Me Good

I had a lunch delivery on Tuesday too but it was something I already reviewed (Dragon Box), so let’s jump straight to this new dish. However, I’d like to note that serving sizes and flavours were consistent for both my repeat orders.

the naked lunchbox 4-1

What’s in the box: Green leaf lettuce, apple slices, pomegranate seeds, vegan almond ‘feta cheese’, with honey balsamic. This was 488 calories according to the menu, and then I added on a portion of chicken.

the naked lunchbox 4-2

Taste: For a carnivore, this vegan dish certainly made me think twice about my obsession with meat. I didn’t really need the chicken for flavour, and actually just left it aside while I devoured the entire dish. The pomegranate seeds, although not very sweet, added a nice juicy crunch to the whole thing while the honey balsamic dressing brought everything together nicely. The fake feta cheese was so good I was actually digging around the lettuce for it!

the naked lunchbox 4-3
So huge I couldn’t finish it.

Verdict: This is my second favourite dish, just a few points behind Pumpkin Lovin. I can’t believe it, but my two favourite dishes from TNL were essentially vegan.


 The Good:

  • On time hassle-free delivery everyday.
  • Huge portions, so if you have a small appetite, each lunchbox would do great for two meals.
  • Lots and lots of fresh veggies with each meal, so you’re scoring A+ on your health report card.
  • Delicious salads that a meat-eater wouldn’t mind having occasionally.
  • Cute packaging with daily uplifting messages.

The Not-so-Good:

  • Order process not as easy as imagined, there were some hiccups, but all fine in the end.
  • Delivery fee of RM10 if you purchase below 5 lunch boxes (so you’ll need to get your office mates into this too!)
  • Chicken breast could probably be a bit more tender. I know it’s hard to achieve tender chicken breasts, but it’s possible!
  • Could do with more variety, especially for those who are ordering lunch for the entire month. Rotating between four dishes can get a bit boring, no matter how great they taste.
  • Sells out too fast. I suppose this is a good thing for TNL but not for us hungry people.

How to Order:

Source: The Naked Lunchbox Facebook Page
Source: The Naked Lunchbox Facebook Page

Email The Naked Lunchbox ( for their menu (updated monthly) and pick your dishes and dates. They deliver every Tuesday to Thursday. Depending on your delivery area and number of lunch boxes, you may have to pay a delivery fee of RM10. Order ahead (like a few weeks) as they sell out pretty early.

Check out The Naked Lunchbox’s Facebook page and Instagram!

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Disclaimer: This was not a sponsored review.

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