[Infographic] How to Have a Happy Relationship, According to Science

After the honeymoon period passes, reality sets in, and arguments can become a daily occurrence. Whether you weather the storm and steer your relation-ship (get it? get it?) onto calmer waters, really depends on how you interact with each other in everyday life, rather than how much storybook romance is in your relationship.

Most people are constantly in a struggle to figure out how to have a long lasting, and most importantly, happy relationship. Fortunately for us, scientists have some answers to how to have a happy relationship. In a nutshell, it’s about how many positive interactions you share with your significant other each day.

Happy couples are best friends, they talk more to each other, and they celebrate triumphs together. Happy couples even fight in a different manner compared to those on the brink of a divorce / break up.

Rather than fumbling through your relationship, how about taking a peek at the secrets to a happy relationship in this infographic below, created by awesome people over at Happify?

Source: happify.com
Source: happify.com

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