12 Beautiful Fruit Infused Water Ideas that’ll Make You Salivate

You know how you always see these fancy-looking jugs of fruit infused water at the spa and 5-star hotels? Well, they’re actually super easy to make so you can have them at home too!

Fruit infused water is a great alternative to your typical sugar-laden drinks, yet not as blah as plain water. You’ll be sipping up some nutrients of the fruits that have leached off into the water, and because it tastes so great, you’ll be drinking up more H20 too!

Here are some colourful eye-candy to inspire you:

1. Strawberry & Rosemary 

Source: pinterest.com


2. Pineapple & Mint 

Source: bonappetit.com

3. Kiwi & Coconut Water

Source: blog.freepeople.com

4. Mango

Source: katyskitchen.ca
Source: katyskitchen.ca

5. Lemon, Cucumber, Lime & Mint

Source: weddingpartyapp.com
Source: weddingpartyapp.com

6. Orange & Pineapple

Source: weddingpartyapp.com
Source: desktopcookbook.com

7. Watermelon & Mint 

Source: everydayroots.com

8. Cucumber & Mint 

Source: followpics.co

9. Strawberry, Lime & Mint 

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Source: weheartit.com

10. Orange, Lemon, Cucumber & Mint

Source: nogojisnoglory.com

11. Apple & Cinnamon 

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12. Orange, Blueberry, Raspberry & Strawberry

Source: acultivatednest.com


How To Make Fruit Infused Water 

  • Choose your favourite fruits and herbs, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations.
  • Slice or cube fruit.
  • Carefully squeeze or press fruit into bottom of jar to let out its juice and essence.
  • Pour in filtered water.
  • Leave for few hours or overnight in fridge.

Top tips

  • You can remove the rinds of lemons, lime, and oranges if you don’t want your water tainted by bitterness.
  • Clean your rinds really well if you want it intact as there is probably some residue of insecticides.
  • You could always squeeze the juice and mash the fruits for flavour, while adding new slices that aren’t squeezed or mashed for colour and beauty.

And, here’s a how-to video to help you out!

 Happy slurping! 


What other fruit and herb combination do you think would taste great in water? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

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