Want To Hit Your Daily Fiber Quota? Try Buddha Bowls!

There’s a new healthy meal trend in town and they are called Buddha bowls. Some might also call them Hippie bowls or Glory bowls. Judging from the names, you might assume that they’re somewhat religious but that’s not the case. In fact, these bowls of goodness are given that name because the bowls are filled up full until it’s rounded on the top which sort of resembles Buddha’s round belly [1].

Buddha bowls are usually filled with an array of greens and vegetables (raw, steamed or roasted), beans, grains and topped with seeds, nuts and many more to give you a colourful and hearty bowl [2]. Add a delicious dressing to the mix and you won’t look back to the usual salads. Also, you get a pretty bowl that would cause envy to those around you whether in real life or on social media.

Here are 5 Buddha bowl recipes that you can try to make for a fulfilling meal that could help you tick off your 5-a-day and could easily be made in bulk to last you throughout the week.

1. The Big Vegan Bowl

vegan buddha bowl
Source: ohsheglows.com

This colourful bowl is filled with some raw greens at the bottom first before adding the other vegetables that makes this a whole meal that will fill you up through the day. Great for lunch and dinner!

2. Susan’s Buddha Bowl

buddha bowl
Source: www.rawmazing.com

You can replace the quinoa with brown rice or other types of whole grains if you’re not a fan of quinoa. Or you can replace it with some beans for a dose of protein.

3. Crunchy Quinoa Buddha Bowl With Ginger-Almond Dressing

buddha bowl
Source: www.livestrong.com

You will love the dressing of this Buddha bowl made with almond butter, olive oil, garlic, ginger and lime juice. The lime juice and ginger will give the creaminess a nice tang.

4. Glorious Tofu Buddha Bowl With Creamy Soy Dressing

buddha bowl
Source: www.livestrong.com

Tofu is a great plant protein and it helps amp up the protein factor while keeping the Buddha bowl low in calories.

5. Everyday Buddha Bowl

buddha bowl
Source: sweetpotatosoul.com

Whether you prefer kimchi or sauerkraut, both of these pickled foods are great for your gut! Adding them to your Buddha bowl will help your body to detox too.


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