Top 20 Must-Read Health & Fitness Blogs / Websites 2015

Living healthy in today’s world isn’t the easiest, and it’s even harder if you have to do it alone. We’ve shortlisted 20 blogs and websites that focus on different aspects of healthy living — from fitness, food to happiness, so you don’t have to go solo on your health journey. But don’t forget, we’re always here for you too!



Fitness Challenges is one of our favourite fitness resources, because it’s filled to the brim with useful, actionable workout programmes, challenges, how-tos, meal plans and recipes all rolled into fun infographics that basically arm you with all you need to live a healthy life.

2. Breaking Muscle

This is your ultimate resource for strength and conditioning workouts like Olympic lifting, powerlifting, as well as fitness, yoga and other fitness related issues. It’s run by a team of experienced professionals so you know you can trust the many types of workouts it talks about — from crossfit to gymnastics.

3. Nerd Fitness

nerd fitness Nerd Fitness is a fitness and nutrition blog for the average Joe. The fitness world can be quite a maze but Steve, the man behind the blog demystifies it with straight-to-the-point scientifically sound advice, delivered with a large helping of wit. If you want to “level up your life, every single day“, check it out.

4. Daily Cup of Yoga

Daily Cup of Yoga documents the journey of Brian, a yoga enthusiast who provides insights into the world of yoga. The blog comprehensively covers all things yoga, as well as meditation, new fitness tech, gear and yoga apps to help the budding yogi in you.

5. Ask Lauren Fleshman

Ask Lauren Fleshman If you’re into running, there’s no better place to get advice and information than from Lauren Fleshman, a professional runner and five-time NCAA champion middle-distance runner and 15-time All-American middle distance runner. In her blog, she writes about all things running, but also about food, fashion, as well as answer questions sent in from her many readers.


6. Precision Nutrition

Rather than dishing out the same nutrition myths circulating the web and mainstream media, PrecisionNutrition provides nutritional advice that is scientifically sound by a team of health, fitness and nutrition experts who practices what they preach. While they have several paid-for programmes, they blog is a free but abundant resource of reliable nutritional information you can count on.

7. Sprouted Kitchen


Emphasizing on clean eating, Sprouted Kitchen is a beautiful blog about cooking wholesome, delicious food and sharing them with your close ones. There are tons of good recipes and great photography that’ll have you licking your screen.

8. Sugar-Free Mom

Sugar-Free Mom is a great recipe resource for those trying to cut out processed sugar, as well as those with food allergies like nut allergies and gluten and dairy intolerance. Brenda, the sugar-free mother shares tips and tricks, as well as great recipes for creating scrumptious food that’s also good for your body. Her recipes are helpfully indexed into different categories, making it easy to search for specific diets like a dairy-free one or a dessert-filled one (*wink wink*).

9. Oh She Glows

oh she glows Angela started Oh She Glows as a journal of her recovery from an eating disorder, but blossomed into an award-winning blog that led to a New York Times best-selling cookbook. Thank your lucky stars as there are more than 500 recipes here including vegan and gluten-free ones. Crispy smashed potatoes with creamy garlic aioli anyone?

10. The Healthy Chef

The founder of The Healthy Chef, Teresa Cutter, is not just a chef with 25 years of professional culinary experience, but has also studied nutrition and is an internationally accredited fitness trainer. Combining all three factors, she’s currently one of Australia’s leading authorities on healthy cooking. The site’s recipe collection looks amazing and we can’t help but bookmark them all for later.

Happiness and Wellness

11. The Minimalists

The Minimalists The Minimalists believe that a happy life doesn’t have to be a life filled with things. Joshua and Ryan, the blog owners, had everything they figured they would need to be happy — a six-figure salary, nice cars, big houses, and lots of stuff. Despite all that, they felt dissatisfied, and they weren’t happy. The Minimalists documents their journey to adopt a minimalistic lifestyle, and how it changed their life for the better.

12. Brain Pickings 

Maria Popova explores what it means to have a good life in Brain Pickings, and on the blog you can get an insight into how to connect the pool of resources within you and contribute to a better world. With articles like “Kierkegaard on Boredom, Why Cat Listicles Fail to Answer the Soul’s Cry, and the Only True Cure for Existential Emptiness”, you know you’re in for some good stuff.

13. Marc and Angel Hack Life

While living our clockwork lives, we sometimes search for something more. Marc and Angel shows you how to do just that, live a larger life. If you’re looking for a dose of inspiration, Marc and Angel Hack Life is a treasure trove of advice.

14. Zen Habits

Zen Habits is about finding simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives. It’s about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing, find happiness. It also happens to be one of the Top 25 blogs and Top 50 websites in the world, with more than a million monthly readers. Come here if you need dose of zen.

15. Tiny Buddha

tiny buddha It’s one of the most popular resources for wisdom on happiness, motivation, inspiring, love, and other feel good stuff. If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, and painting yourself into a corner, Tiny Buddha offers an alternative perspective on things.


16. Adele Runs

Adele Runs offers a peek into the life of Adele Wong, a regular Malaysian girl with an extraordinary passion for health, fitness, and food. She regularly updates readers on running tips and wisdom, as well as lessons learned on her journey to become a fitter, faster runner.

17. Just as Delish

Just As Delish Shannon Lim records her lifelong love for food on Just as Delish, providing tips, remedies and great recipes using read wholesome ingredients. The blog emphasizes on consuming nutrient-dense food in its most natural state without all the nasty chemicals, preservatives and additives.

18. Almost Hijau 

Yoga guru Nabilla Sharil unwinds by typing out her words onto Almost Hijau, where she shares her views and perspectives on the world and healthy living.

19. Kevin Zahri

Kevin Zahri   Cikgu Fitness Malaysia Kevin Zahri is a famous face in the Malaysian fitness scene, with his legion of fans calling him Cikgu Fitness. He created Jom Kurus, a nationwide weight loss programme that incorporates both fitness and nutrition, and has helped many on their journey towards healthy. On his blog he shares updates on his latest events, as well as tips and tricks on how to level up on your fitness and health.

20. Health Freak Mommy 

Health Freak Mommy follows the daily life of a healthy Malaysian mommy trying to provide the most nutritious life for her three children. Follow her as she tries out new overnight oats recipes, explore different blenders and discover new healthy ingredients. _____

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